Academic teaching and research are the focus of my professional life. I lecture and supervise for the University of Cambridge (and previously Royal Holloway) on courses in composition, theory, analysis, harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration, and I undertake fundamental research on related topics. I have also established a Music Information Retrieval Group at Cambridge to act as a point of coordination and encouragement for students and researchers who are keen to get involved with research projects and collaborations in this area. So far, the group has included members from the Faculties of Music, Computer Science, and Engineering, as well as external collaborators from other universities and Microsoft Research. I view all aspects of my musical practice to be intimately related, especially the composition and music-theoretic scholarship which frequently draw inspiration from each other. Here is a list of publications with links to either the version of record or the pre print (as available). Pre-prints are hosted on my page.

'Attractor Tempos in Brahms 2/iii'
'Attractor Tempos in Brahms 2/iii',
Music Theory Spectrum 40/1 (accepted April 2016; publication in Jan 2018).
An applicaiton / test of the 'Attractor Tempos' theory (see below).

'Hierarchy and position usage in mixed metres'
'Hierarchy and position usage in mixed metres'.
Journal of New Music Research, 46/2.
How do rhythms vary for different metrical environments? How can systematic MIR be best used to help address this issue?

'Pitch Properties of the Pedal Harp, with an Interactive Guide'
'Pitch Properties of the Pedal Harp, with an Interactive Guide'.
Music Theory Online, 22/4.
Joint paper with Dr. Iain Gunn.
An interactive guide to harp pedalling, alongwith a theoretical account of the limitations and possibilities.

Book review
Review of Conducting for a New Era By Edwin Roxburgh.
Music and Letters (2016) 97/1.

'The Meter Metrics'
'The Meter Metrics: characterising relationships among (mixed) metres'.
Music Theory Online, vol 21.2, June 2015.
A survey of the relationships between metrical structures and how they have been used in the repertoire.

'Attractor Tempos for Metrical Structures'
'Attractor Tempos for Metrical Structures'.
Journal of Mathematics and Music, 9/1, 1–22, March 2015.
A model for why musicians may be drawn to use particular tempos in given musical contexts.

'Coherence in Concert Programming'
'Coherence in Concert Programming'.
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music (IRASM), Vol. 45/2, pp.293–309, December 2014.
Discussing the artistic criteria for the combination of works in classical concert programming.

'First Impressions'
'First Impressions: on the programming and concert presentation of new music today'.
Tempo, 68/267, pp.42–50, January 2014.
Discussing the programming and presentation of new works in classical concerts.

Book review
'Music of the Circles',
A review of Toussaint 2013,
Music Theory Online, Issue 19.2, June 2013.